Smash and grabs happen when no one is looking!

One of the most aggravating things that may happen to a car owner, and one of the most prevalent types of theft in the United States. The automobile break-in known as the “smash-and-grab” They don’t even take your entire car; only the important items are taken, which you must meticulously replace while dealing with the lengthy and expensive auto repair procedure.

The majority of crooks operate independently. They don’t need a swarm of people with cell phones and pepper spray. As a result, make your vehicle as noticeable as possible: Place yourself in a crowd. Choose busy intersections with a lot of foot and car activity.

If you’ll be gone after dark, park near a lamppost or in a well-lit neighborhood. Opt for a parking spot with an attendant versus one without. 

Use anti-theft measures to deter crooks.

Thieves are also known for their indolence. When it comes to car break-ins, the goal isn’t always to make a big profit. This type of thief is looking for a quick thrill – or even some extra cash – with as little effort as possible. You reduce the value of your car by making it a more difficult target for these people. So: When you park, remember to lock your doors and pull down your windows. If you have one, turn on the security system.

Consider window tinting (if permitted by local rules), as it makes it more difficult to conceal your vehicle. To protect your car and inform criminals that you’ve taken extra security measures, use aftermarket measures such as systems that lock the steering wheel. Use the console or glove box as mobile lock boxes at all times. The thieves are also aware of these. Do not surrender the keys to them.

Car smash-and-grabbers, for the most part, do not take the vehicle. A key on the dash or in the ignition, on the other hand, could inspire the more bold to commit outright car theft. Also keep in mind that if you have a perfect hiding spot for a key, such as in your wheel well or above the sun visor, a thief has likely thought of it as well. Keep your keys away from your automobile if you’re not using it. I’d like to do it with you, if possible.

Keep an eye out for someone who is keeping a close check on you.

While your trunk is better for shopping bags and computers than the passenger compartment, a skilled burglar will frequently sit out a parking lot and watch you transfer your belongings there. So put your valuables in the trunk or elsewhere out of sight before you leave your car unattended.